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Louie Leeman and CHEAP SNEAKERS are a good time - a band that can make a party come alive. With roots in Rock 'n Roll, R&B, Folk and Blues we can play in a club, a concert, or your living room without sacrificing intensity or sensitivity.

We play classic songs by some of the best artists of the rock era: Van Morrison, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry and others. From Motown to Memphis to New Orleans to Liverpool, Louie Leeman and CHEAP SNEAKERS have a song list full of surprises. We play songs that people know and love, but don't expect to hear - songs that make you smile, laugh, think, cry, remember, imagine and reflect. CHEAP SNEAKERS also performs original songs by Louis Leeman from their independently released album,"WINK OF AN EYE".

Louie Leeman and CHEAP SNEAKERS are professional musicians with years of experience playing to audiences around Southern New England. Through the years we have performed for:

A Wish Come True, Inc.
The Acoaxet Club
Adsum, Inc.
The American Cancer Society
Arts Unlimited of Fall River
Bristol Community College
Community Health Care Services
Dartmouth Children's Museum
Dartmouth Youth Soccer Assn.

Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust
Feast of the Blessed Sacrament
Hasbro Children's Hospital
Hawthorne Country Club
New Bedford Child & Family Services
New Bedford Country Club
New Bedford Yacht Club
Representative Mike Rodriques

The members of CHEAP SNEAKERS play guitar, bass, keyboards, saxophone and flute and percussion.

Excerpts of an e-mail from an RCA Records executive who'd attended one of our performances:

Over the weekend I attended a birthday party. It had a live band as the primary entertainment. "Cheap Sneakers". I'm sure you have never heard of them. A bunch of older guys probably screwing around with music on weekends. Scratching an itch that will never go away. Even though I was in celebration mode...May have had a cocktail or 10, I still noticed a couple of things that stuck out. Impacted me.

First, the players. ...they were so deep in the moment. I remember looking in a few of their eyes and thinking "wow...this dude thinks he is playing Giants Stadium". The music was driving them. It was in their soul. The music.

Another thing that struck me was a couple at the party. I don't think they left the dance floor. He and his wife ROCKED all night. Sang every song. Danced every dance. That same music from this band of local musicians moved them. At the end of the night I went to say goodbye and his shirt was drenched in sweat. They had a blast. And it was the music driving it.

I made these observations. It impacted me. I didn't speak about it. Like most things, it went in the blast furnace that is the inside on my silly NJ brain and there it sat. And will stay. Because I will remember the look in the eyes of that band and that couple for some time.
Remember, if the groove fits, share it.

Player to be named later
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